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Synerdev is a consultancy firm and solution provider. Synerdev supports growth efforts of its customers by offering several types of services. Advisory services on IT governance, design consulting and implementation of computer systems and computer systems turnkey.

With a partnership with Microsoft, Synerdev offers its services and solutions on an integrated platform, supported by Microsoft and accepted by a large community on the IT market.

Synerdev relies on its high-caliber consultants in a partnership focusing on business income. To be attractive to its consultants, Synerdev offers a pleasant working environment, a model of management by objectives and a more advanced technology.

Why choose SYNERDEV?
We know what we offer
Synerdev offers its proper solution, Using the power of the best in Software and in Hardware world. Our customers will benifit from our experience.

Consultants to meet all the challenges
Synerdev is working with the best specialists in the domain of information technology. These specialists are recognized for their ability to innovate and solve complex problems and thus meet the diverse needs of customers.

Specialists passionnés
All Synerdev's consultants are working around Microsoft technologies, Motorola, Java and Oracle. This concentration makes the working environment more stimulating and exchanges between consultants more productive. Synerdev encourages its consultants to certify and renew their certifications in their areas of expertise, this ensures Synerdev that its consultants are always on the page in regard to their area of expertise.

A model for resource management that maximizes the involvement
Each new project is an opportunity for consultants to demonstrate their excellence. The consultants' dedication to the benefits of Synerdev is part of our work culture.

A platform for development of the most efficient on the market
Synerdev is specialized in delivery of systems based on Microsoft technology. Our focus allows us to capitalize on our experience and to be among the precursors of all Microsoft technologies. Thus, we are one of the few providers of SharePoint platforms for content management. All our projects are managed and administered from the Microsoft Team Suite platform, this platform that implements the Agile process for software delivery solutions.
Strong partnerships
Synerdev is Microsoft Network Silver, which enables it to benefit from a privileged support from Microsoft.

Proven methods for successful business solutions
Synerdev is on the IT market by the rigorous use of best practices which enable it to effectively deliver business solutions successful. This methodology is based on tested and proven process of Agile. Agile is the benchmark for development and maintenance of systems in the software market.

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