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Pour de l'information sur le SEV Hypra Pro avec Revenu Québec
cliquer ici ou appeler au 514 312-5616
SMS Gateway. Available in Canada only.
You can send SMS by simply using emails, or by using our Web Service.
We also offer customization to integrate your database and send SMS with your business rules.
We offer unlimited SMS for Yearly or Monthly subscription.
For only 420$ per year or 45$ per month.
Monitoring entries/exits and the presence of people or goods.
The software uses RFID readers and tags (active or passive).
The users will see on their screens, instant information about the person or goods.
The software can be configured in standalone mode or can be configured to integrate the database of the company.
HypraTracking is first intended to be used by services companies such as dentists, clinics, retiree residences, and others ... and can be used also by warehouses for goods
For transport companies. Maximize your productivity while respecting the Act 430.
Avoid penalties by having the adequate tools.
HypraTruck is a software for the management of the Act 430 (driving hours). It manages the time sheets of your drivers. And instantly calculates all violations of the Act 430.
Not only that, but also it will allow you to simulate several scenarios. Compare the cost of each scenario and take the decision.
Scenarios comparaison is based on the number of potential infractionsof the Act 430 and on the operation cost (driver and truck).
HypraTruck is currently offered in SaSS mode (Enterprise and Professional version).
Starting from 56$ per month. More details ...

Consulting SharePoint
  • Architecture
  • Custom Development
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Customization
  • Development
  • Mobility
  • Wireless
  • RFID
  • Bar code scanner
Online order will be available soon.
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